Story & Song

Story & Song has been a lifetime in the making.
Chris will take the audience on a journey behind some of
his songs and how they came to be written.

Story & Song

Maybe It’s You was suggested to him by Liza Minnelli when he was running with a hot crowd in New York. The story is terrific. But then, so is the story behind I Like to Strip or Plant That Weed. How did The Fonz figure into It’s the Proper Word? Six of Wallace’s songs will be featured in this hour-long presentation, followed by performances either live or on video. Even the songs you may be familiar with will take on a new meaning after you’ve heard the stories. Ever wonder how The Ping Pong Song came to be?

By the time it’s finished, you may well join the chorus that asks, “Who is this guy?”
If you want to hear some stories without songs, click on the five interviews below.

Story & Song is ultimately destined to be an online series.

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