"Les Femmes features five musically talented women (Les Femmes of the title) plus all original songs by Chris Wallace.  The show begins slow and small, with just Wallace onstage with pianist (and musical director) Robyn Womersley and Kat Ades on double bass."

Christine Moffat
(

"As an Australian, I was also surprised and pleased to feel a kind of expansive New World affinity with this generous nineteenth century figure…and Wallace's relaxed yet precise and authoritative delivery makes each moment live. The Mark Twain You Don't Know is a wide-ranging, skilled and welcome work, played with conviction, and not to be missed."

Darryl Emmerson  (Melbourne Stage Online)

"Wallace casts himself as the narrator, taking on all the various narrative voices…Wallace has a clear gift for character acting, and his portrayals are consistent and well delineated. This is best displayed in the show's conclusion, where he acts out dialogues from the early parts of Huckleberry Finn."

Martin Ball (The Age)

"I'm Huckleberry Finn, I go adventurin" .... and so will you as you enjoy a warm, balmy evening riverside in Huckleberry - A Musical Adventure presented by Oltengangy Music with book, music and lyrics by Chris Wallace at  Chapel Off Chapel.  

A trip back to the old times on the Mississippi River are vividly brought to life with original songs in a new stage show from a team of Theatre Professionals. It's a heartwarming storyline with songs just right for the parts, and you are also introduced to the interesting life of the author. So genuine, it's a product he himself would have given his samp of approval ! This is a musical storeytelling at its best. "

Sarah Wallace (Theatre Specialist for The Plus Ones Melbourne)


"The result is a simple and direct, but moving and entertaining performance, in which Wallace uses his impressive acting skills to bring the words of the master to life…the strength and skill of the performer and the power of the words leave one wishing that we could have more than these brief tastes of a master wordsmith."

Peter Freund (Ballarat Courier)


"What an insight into the life and work of this great man who we all think we know, but discover so much more through your remarkable performance. It is funny, witty and very moving. I have spent many years working in theatre, and this has got to be one of my favourite performances."

Margaret O'Donnell (Old Drouin Butter Factory Arts Complex)


"Chris Wallace does not attempt to upstage this gold mine of material, instead brings it to life with integrity, respect and immense talent. He maintains such a presence on stage; it starts to feel like there's an entire cast performing instead of just one."
Bianca Weiler (Db Magazine)

"The Mark Twain You Don't Know is a masterful one-man show. Wallace has an engaging presence that captivates long before he sings a ditty about a writer he admires."

Stephen Davenport (The Adelaide Theatre Guide)


"Wallace skillfully brings us not only the Twain many people don't know but also the one with whom we are familiar. It is a unique blend of talented, insightful actor and witty insightful writer."

Troy Lennon (Sydney Daily Telegraph)

"Chris Wallace is terrific in this one man show."

Lynn Lancaster (Arts Hub)

"You can imagine that it would take some chutzpah for a little-known actor to take the stage in a one-man show called "The Mark Twain You Don't Know." But surprisingly, an American born actor from Australia does it…and damn well at that!" "

Cynthia Citron (Santa Monica Daily Press, San Diego Jewish World,

"The Australians have had Chris Wallace since 2004 to enjoy this marvelous one-man show. Now it's time for the USA to praise this masterful show."

Arnie Wishnick (The Pacific Palisades Post)

"Mr. Wallace serves up a great menu, chosen as much for its wide array of flavors as for its entertainment value; and he begins it all where the Creator himself begins. Starting with Letters from the Earth, Wallace give¬ís us Twain’s version of the creation story from the point of Satan who writes letters home to his fellow archangels."

Karen Tortora-Lee
(

"Twain is so earnestly interesting, and Wallace throughout does such a lovely and lively recreation, that I walked away reinvigorated to know more about Twain, and having felt as though I spent a very heartfelt evening in the theatre. For those who appreciate skillful acting or for those who loved the original, catch The Mark Twain You Don't Know and watch Wallace work."

Paul Hufker (

"As an actor, Wallace is flawless."

Di Jayawickrema (


Olentangy Music