Olentangy Music is responsible for a wide variety of productions,
from children's songs to children's theatre to very adult cabaret and one-man shows.
Here are a few examples.





  Les Femmes

tall pOppy blues


"One word: Divine…Many don't believe that it is possible to give a show five out of five, but this one comes close."
Adele Scott (Breaking Even)

The Mark Twain
You Don't Know


"The Mark Twain You Don't Know is a masterful one-man show. Wallace has an engaging presence that captivates long before he sings a ditty about a writer he admires."
Stephen Davenport (The Adelaide Theatre Guide)

A THING OF Shreds & Patches

"Came into town with a Ukulele and went out on a rail."
Hollywood Reporter

Olentangy Music